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Beyond the Black Door ; AM Strickland

8/10 Star

Keywords: Dreams; Souls; Fantasy world myths; asexual; murder; transgender, gay, LBGTQA+


Kamai was five when she first saw the black door in her mother's soul. Warned not to open it, Kamai's desire grows. At the same time, she learns of her mother's sexual profession and her loyalty to a shadowy organization called Twilight Guild. Kamai wants to join the guild but sees her inability for physical intimacy big hindrance.

When her mother dies at the hands of the Guild, Kamai opens the black door. Inside she finds a nonhuman, Vehyn, who shows her how to use her soulwalking abilities. Kamai later discovers that Vehyn is Darkness incarnate and the leader of the Twilight Guild. Kamai and her new friends stop the assassination plot and Kamai locks Vehyn in her soul, unable to kill him as the two have fallen in love.


What can I say about this book? Not only was the protagonist ace, so was the antagonist. And, even better, the protagonist's asexuality actually drove the plot instead of being a character trait. The book actually covers the spectrum of LBGTQA+ with heteronormative characters, a trans character, several gay characters, and of course, the ace characters.

There were parts of the book that got a little too heavy in the description, but nothing that took away from the story.

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