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A Breath of Eyre; Eve Marie Mont

5 / 10 Stars

Keywords: Jane Eyre, retelling, world jumping, boarding school, boy next door, bipolar disorder.


Review (Spoilers!) Emma is on a scholarship to a private boarding school where she doesn't belong. After showing the reader a slice of school life, Emma is struck by lightning and transported into her mom's favorite book, Jane Eyre, for three months. When she leaves halfway through the book's plot, she returns to our world more confused than when she left. Returning to Jane's world one more time, she changes the story by helping the wife in the attic escape. By doing so, Emma finds the courage to return to her story and save those she cares about.


It was a good enough story. For me, the characters lacked luster. As outspoken as Emma was, I'm surprised she gave into being Jane so easily. I expected a modern woman reacting to the world of Jane Eyre, not giving in to being Jane. I will say that the twist of the wife in the attic being Emma's mother was a good twist. It was a wonderful healing moment for both the characters and the reader.

Overall, nice book for a read, but I will not be actively seeking out the sequel.

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