• Ryan Muiller

Making time a Discipline

Even with Corona winding down, this is the perfect time to talk about writing as a discipline.

Personal definition of discipline: setting a goal, keeping said goal, even when you’re dying.

Writing is hard. Especially when it feels like you have no time during the day. So, without further ado, here are my tips on discipline writing.

1. Set realistic goals

Everyone is guilty of setting their goals too high at some point in their life. Then you feel like a failure when you fail to reach those goals. The doubt sets in and you wonder what the point is.

Stop that nonsense before it starts. Set realistic goals.

Currently, I work a full time and a part time job on top of getting my master’s degree. Many pro-writers aim for ten thousand words a day. I try to get 5000 a week. Sometimes, I don’t reach that goal, but it’s far more obtainable than 10,000.

2. Draft 1 will suck

This is a universal writing truth that I know I’ve said before. If I haven’t, know that this is a thing.

3. Know what your distractions are

This is important, and it takes time. Somethings may help you focus, and that’s fine. I cannot stand writing in silence. But I listen to music constantly. I consider both the silence and music a distraction. So what do I listen to when writing? Movies. Some times ballet.

Both have to be something I have seen before. The less thinking the film requires of me, the better. Animated movies of a tall, blond female who may be a popular children’s doll works wonders. Those movies do all the thinking for me, allowing me to focus on the plot.

4. Take mental breaks

Sometimes, despite everything, your brain will say no. And you will know that it is saying no. Don’t freak out. It is okay to take a break. Minds can get burnt out and forcing it to work will only harm it further. Be open to ideas, but don’t force them.

There you have it, my personal tip list for making writing a discipline. Most others would add that you need to set aside a time everyday to write. I don’t have a “set” time myself. I write when I can. And maybe that is all you can do with your schedule. Remember, disciplines take time, and patience.


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