• Ryan Muiller

After the conference......

How the conference went.

Well, it was moved to online (thanks Corona). And that bummed me out. I like face to face, despite being the generation of online. I like seeing people and reacting to their body language. I think it builds stronger relationships. Plus, the energy at the conference would have been different than the energy in my room.

So, what did I learn from the conference?

Nothing new, sadly. Everything covered I felt I already knew from my own research over the years. I’m not going to lie, this greatly upset me. I do not like spending money to learn something I already know. Had it been a in-person conference, I would have been more forgiving. After all, I would have been building connections, meeting potential beta readers and grammar editors, ect. But I didn’t.

So, in the end, I feel like I dropped $200 on a ten minute pitch. Pretty steep price. And I have since been notified that the agency I pitched to is not interested. Which, honestly, I figured that. And that part, not the dropping of the money but the rejection part, I am okay with.

In the end, you reader should feel assured that I do know what I am talking about and I am giving accurate information on these posts. So, yeah you!


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