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I was born and raised in Missouri, but longed for the ocean. I got an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology and set off with an internship to Spain to study dolphins. Once there, I discovered a horrible truth: I get seasick.
Back stateside, I had a choice to make, and I chose writing. This is my journey from nothing to, I hope, moderate success. 

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October 8, 2022

She is the daughter of ballet’s notorious villain: the one who turned princess into swan. She stole the prince’s vow of eternal love, but there is more to the black swan than history records suggest.
Now in paperback and ebook!

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Everything Jen has ever done has been to stay alive in a dark, dangerous world. As a vampire whore, she is paid to let vampires feed on her every night. But in three months, she can leave that nightmare behind. When Jen meets her replacement, a little girl named Eve, everything changes. Desperate to save Eve from the life Jen leads, the two run away. At the base of Werewolf Mountains, a barrier between the demons and the unknown, they meet Mike who is on the run from the Demon Order. The three join together to increase their odds of survival. If they can make it over the mountains, and through the lands beyond, they may just find a way to save more than themselves from the darkness.

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